Sport Podology

Each leg has its own absorption functions, depreciation, adjustment, balance and propulsion. These major functions are influenced by various factors: * Intrinsic factors: joint mobility, Morphostatism, Voltage – Muscle Flexibility, osteo-articular deformities… * Extrinsic: Trauma, Orthotics Shoes, playing surface, … And give rise to the overall mechanics of the sport.

Specialist in sports podiatry, we help you to minimize the constraints of these functions from office foot in performing orthopedic insoles for children and adults. Thanks to the development of new analytical techniques: highest equipment with cinematic study of the movement and study of the gravity point of body with the dynamic platform.

Orthopedics insoles treat and prevent as wellCommon sporting injuries include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, ankle sprains and shin or knee pain.

Video Gait Analysis Video gait analysis is used by your podiatrist to assess your gait pattern and lower limb alignment during walking and running gait.? We are trained to locate abnormality and It gives you an opportunity to inspect and understand your own lower limb biomechanics and the role of correct footwear and/or orthotics.

Our Podiatrists use a? digital scanner to obtain an accurate model of your foot which then is paired with a customized prescription based on your biomechanics, your injury, your footwear and your sporting needs. For running, walking and sports, a customized orthotic provides shock absorption, proprioception, support and stability, whilst allowing for normal levels of foot and lower limb motion. Orthotics are often used in conjunction with a stretching and strengthening program.